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Having closed my mediation office door, and fast approaching my tenth decade, my quiescent blog is coming back to life with a plan to publish a monthly commentary. But my list of previous subscribers cannot be found, so I’m inviting those I recall were on the list and others with whom I’ve crossed paths over time. I hope to offer thought-provoking reflections inspired by events both past and present. Your comments are welcome. Please enter your email address to join me in this venture.

10 thoughts on “Invitation to Subscribe

  1. Bea, I’ve always really enjoyed and benefited from your articles in the CBA Report. You have great insight and write with a vulnerability that strongly resonates with me. Your articles are thought-provoking and often make me think about a subject in a different way. That’s a real talent. Thanks, and I look forward to reading more in your blog!

  2. well finally logged in and was surprised to see you did Meditation ;0) then I re-read it… will enjoy the commentary… congrats on your moving on to new things…perhaps you can do some meditation now that you have time ;0)

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