The Third Person in the Room

Dear Reader,

If you have already received and read an email from Nolan Kerr Press, my publisher, publicist (and good friend, Nancy Nolan) about my upcoming book The Third Person in the Room: Stories of Relationships at a Turning Point, please move on to some other worthy emails in your feed.

I have succumbed to the wisdom of those who know the way of the publishing world to send out this additional notice, (and there will be one more notification, bear with me, when the book is actually available on Amazon).

Now that retirement has given me more time to take a look back. I will soon publish a collection of essays. After 50 years of law practice, the last 30 as a mediator, and entering the 10th decade of my life, I am ever more an observer. I look back on both my professional past, having mediated well over a thousand family law cases, and on personal experiences, to tell intimate stories that may provide some useful insights.

Glimpses of my clients’ lives, and of my own, present a microcosm of every relationship, those on safe ground and those experiencing a measure of disequilibrium. Hence the title of my book: The Third Person in the Room: Stories of Relationships at a Turning Point, referring to both the office where my clients disclosed their hopes and fears and the many rooms in which my life was lived.

The book is a collection of short essays, stories really. They reveal the vulnerabilities we all share. If a particular story strikes a chord, perhaps on occasion you will be motivated to share it with an intimate friend, family member or partner as if to say here’s an interesting idea. Who knows where the sharing of a thought provoking insight may lead?

Our goal is to have the book available on Amazon on September 3rd. Will keep you posted.



12 thoughts on “The Third Person in the Room

  1. I am so looking forward to holding and reading your book, Bea. Congratulations! You are an inspiration. Love, Pat

    Pat Timm 513.378-8871


  2. Dear Bea:
    I look forward to receiving a copy of your book and sharing it with clients.
    Will I see you in Columbus?
    With warm personal regards,

    Forrest S. Mosten
    Mediator, Limited Scope and Collaborative Attorney
    Certified Family Law Specialist
    California State Bar Board of Legal Specialization
    Cell: 310-721-4291
    Offices in Beverly Hills and La Jolla
    Adjunct Professor, UCLA School of Law
    Courses: Mediation, Lawyer as Peacemaker, Family Law Practice: A Non-Litigation Approach

    Author: Building a Successful Collaborative Practice (with Adam Cordover, ABA, 2018), Complete Guide to Mediation, 2nd Edition (with Elizabeth Potter Scully, ABA, 2015); Collaborative Law Handbook (Wiley, 2009); Unbundled Legal Services (with Elizabeth Potter Scully, ABA, 2017), , and Mediation Career Guide (Wiley 2001)

    “When two smart people vehemently disagree, the answer is almost never to fight it out until one idea prevails, but rather to vigilantly search for a third, better way.”

  3. I purchased your book from Amazon last week. Love the cover picture and am enjoying the read with muse times interspersed.

  4. I appreciate the interesting and invaluable work that you have done. You have touched so many of us over the 50 years of your dedicated service and many have been blessed with your counseling.
    I am excited for you and look forward to reading your book.

  5. I am so sorry that I have to miss your event. We will be out of town with our grandson that weekend. You continue to amaze and impress me. I can only aspire to your accomplishments!

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