News about “The Third Person in the Room”

Hello – This is Nancy Nolan, Bea Larsen’s publisher/publicist, writing on behalf of Bea and her new book, The Third Person in the Room: Stories of Relationships at a Turning Point. Many of you have probably been wondering when the book will be published. Wonder no more! The book is now available on where you can purchase in softcover or e-book format; and right now, e-books are free to Kindle Unlimited subscribers. If you’d like to pre-order a hardcover copy, you can do that on my web site: Those will be delivered (free shipping) in mid-September.

Proceeds from books sold during the month of September will be donated to the Legal Aid Society of Greater Cincinnati.

Yesterday, I received an unsolicited comment from Gerri Harbison, City Council member in Montgomery, OH. Here’s what she wrote: “I ordered Bea’s book and it arrived today. Though very busy, I started reading. It is fascinating!!!”

Here are a few other comments we received about The Third Person in the Room:

“A winner for the inquisitive. It teaches, you learn, and enjoy.” (Hon. Jack Sherman, U.S. Magistrate Judge for the Southern District of Ohio, 1989-2003).

“”Bea’s book is an intelligent, straightforward reference for life at home and in the office. I highly recommend treating yourself to this engaging series of meaningful stories.” (Susan Jasbeck Steinberg, PhD, Clinical Psychologist).

“Readers of author Bea Larsen’s narratives will find a storehouse of personal and professional wisdom, enriched by her skillful gift of language. The calm yet penetrating observations of complexities in relationships are a balm to those struggling through periods of crisis. That makes The Third Person in the Room a must read.” (Nathaniel R. Jones, Judge, United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit, 1979-1995, Rome Blank LLC).

“With grace and wisdom, Larsen guides us along the tough road to compassion, and we end our journey wiser and more thoughtful. After reading her book, you will thank her for her honesty, her humanness, her courage, and her guidance to become our best selves.” (Christine A. Lottman, Professor Emerita, University of Cincinnati School of Social Work).

 Click here to read what more people are saying about The Third Person in the Room.

I encourage you to give The Third Person in the Room a try. If you do, please consider reviewing it on Amazon.

Thank you.

Nancy Nolan, Nolan Kerr Press (


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