“The Third Person in the Room” Wins Nautilus Book Award

Bea’s publisher/publicist, Nancy Nolan, here: Bea’s book, The Third Person in the Room: Stories of Relationships at a Turning Point, has been awarded a silver medal in the 2019 Nautilus International Book Awards. The book won one of 4 silver prizes awarded in the category of “Relationships and Communication”. 

Some other recent silver medal award winners are Ann Lamott, Louise Erdrich, J.D. Vance, and Mitch Albom. McGraw-Hill, HarperCollins, and Simon & Schuster were among the publishers who submitted award-winning books in 2019.

The Nautilus International Book Award was established in 1998 “to celebrate and honor books that support conscious living and green values, high-level wellness, positive social change and social justice, and spiritual growth. The Nautilus slogan is “Better books for a better world.” For more information about the Nautilus Book Award, click here. To purchase your copy of The Third Person in the Room, go to www.Amazon.com or www.nolankerr.com.

Please contact me for more information at 513.304.4078. Thank you!

20 thoughts on ““The Third Person in the Room” Wins Nautilus Book Award

  1. Hi Bea, Congratulations on your recent Nautilus Book Award! It’s definitely a book that fulfills their slogan, “Better Books for a Better World.”

    Best regards, Marcia Brown (from MN, Honna’s mom)

    Sent from my iPhone



  2. Congratulations, Bea! I know of no one who is more deserving of this award. Your book is a treasure.

    Carole Ebner


  3. Way to go! CONGRATS!

    Both of you still healthy? I hope so! Ken

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  4. Wow. Congratulations. You’ve been wonderful in pushing forward until readers saw what you had to offer. Merrilee



  5. Wow, Bea, congratulations and Mazel Tov! Now you are doubly famous! I hope you are staying safe, sanitized, and sane. All the best, Marjorie



  6. Congratulations! Well deserved. Bea, your writing calms me down. You are very vulnerable in your words….. Just a gift that you have shared your insights and your soul and mind in this book.


    Bertha Helmick, ESQ. 513-651-9666



  7. Bea,  many congratulations from the Kramers.  We have gifted your book to several of our friends and can’t wait to pass on this wonderful news to them.

    Joyce K.


  8. Dear Bea,
    Congratulations on receiving the Nautilus Book award. It is well deserved. The book is great.
    I am still struggling with a fib. I will know more about next steps next week.

    We are home and anxious to get out but we will stay home until it is safe to go out.. These are crazy times.
    I will keep you posted.
    Stay safe.


  9. Congratulations! Must be great to get such wonderful feedback, well deserved — I enjoyed it very much ❤️ Katherine


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